Our Philosophy

An Open Tradition

Our idea of wine is based on tradition, which means that modern equipment is used in accordance with nature. We are attentive to novelties, without closures and prejudices, but with the security of experience.

At the Palazzo estate we do everything meticulously by hand: the harvest, the cleaning of the vines, the green pruning, the selection of the bunches of grapes. And all with respect for nature's time. 
Without haste, listening to the vines.

Nature is an important value for us, which is reflected by quality of our wines. 
We do not use chemical fertilisers but rely on green manure, a natural system of planting selected crops to promote soil fertility, identifying, through chemical and physical analysis of the soils, the needs parcel by parcel and choosing in a targeted manner the seeds of those plants that must provide the right nutrients.

From 2021 we will be certified as fully organic: a goal that represents a natural evolution of our commitment to nature and sustainability, with a conversion process that began in 2008.

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We follow the entire production cycle with the passion that is our company's pride, dealing from start to finish with all the stages of the chain, without omitting anything, with extreme care: the cultivation of the vines, vinification, ageing, refinement of the wines, bottling and packaging.

And also the reception in the cellar.

We love to receive and listen to the wishes, tastes and observations of our customers.
And we are a hospitable family happy to share our experience and pass on our love of our work and our land.

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