Three generations between past and future

The Loia Palazzo family has been producing wine for three generations, respecting tradition but always keeping an eye on modernity.

Antonietta, the soul of the company, continues her daily work of supervision, but she can count on the experience of her son Angelo (who mainly supervises the vineyard and the cellar) and her daughter Elia (who mainly supervises the sales). The other two sons, Aldo, who is a building contractor, and Manio, who is involved in Italian catering, still live in the south of Scotland, but return regularly to help the family during the main stages of the harvest and winemaking process.

But under the care and attention of Antoinette, her daughter Elia and son Angelo, the new faces of the third generation.

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Antoinette's seven grandchildren, are also beginning to play a role in the company: the eldest, Nadia and Sabrina, Elia's daughters, while the former is busy with her work as a psychotherapist and the latter with her university studies, contribute to the life of the company by taking care of social channels and events.

The youngest grandchildren: Maya (Manio's daughter), Nico, Carlo and Ottilia (Aldo's children) and the latest arrival, Antonio, Angelo's son, although playfully absorbed by the company's activities, show the passion, interest and attachment of those who live in a beautiful and healthy agricultural reality, surrounded by the care of a supportive and cohesive family.

This is an excellent indication for the future of the Palazzo winery.

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The Loia Palazzo family also makes use of established and experienced consultants and professionals: agronomist Marco Nasca for the vineyards and oenologist Fabrizio Ciufoli for wine expertise.

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