Premio video Brunello Crossing "Il Giglio"

miglior video autoprodotto:
iscrizione + camera matrimoniale per gara anno successivo + 1 bottiglia di Brunello di Montalcino.


Make a 2-5 minute video in YouTube format about the race in first person. The video must be sent to our e-mail address no later than March 10, 2019 and posted on YouTube at the same time.
By sending the video to our e-mail address, the use of the entire video or part thereof for promotional purposes by the organisation is automatically authorised, even if the video does not qualify as a winner.

For the second time, the winner of the 2018 edition was Paolo Reali, our guest for 2019.

Thanks also to 

- Paola Giudici
- Marco Martini
- Patrizio Paggi

che, per i loro video, riceveranno una bottiglia di Rosso e una di Brunello di Montalcino!

Prize Categories for all three races:

top 5  m/f (excluded from categories)

top 5 in the following categories:

Seniors/A   18-29            1997/1990             

Seniors/B   30-39            1989/1980             

Seniors/C   40-49            1979/1970              

Veterans/D  50/59           1969/1960              

Veterans/E  60/69            1959/1950                                                            

Veterans/F     70 and more     1949+

Contact and Other Info

General Information

Groups with over 6 runners, please contact:
Michela Piccioni (ex, no longer active)

Reservations for overnight stay at the gym:

Alessandro Capaccioli